Sean Recchi on 60 Minutes

Steven Brill’s book “America’s Bitter Pill”, highlighted on 60 Minutes, tells the story of Sean Recchi’s fight against cancer and his treatment at MD Anderson in Texas.  After being diagnosed with cancer, Sean and Stephanie Recchi had an incredible idea. They wanted to develop a product that could store human […]


Why Save DNA

Reasons to Save DNA Genetic therapy can actually pinpoint disease and is curing various diseases and cancer. DNA is an invaluable template of personal information that can be saved for future analysis. Some people carry inherited genes that make them susceptible to developing cancer. Knowing these genes are present can […]

DNA Capsule on CSI

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Q. Why was DNA Capsule started? A. Both my father and my husband’s mother recently passed away from cancer. We realized the importance of saving DNA, with both of our loved ones choosing to be cremated, thus destroying valuable genetic data. Our company’s purpose is to give people the ability […]

About Us

My father passed away in 2006 and requested to be cremated. An overwhelming sense of loss overcame me one morning when I realized his DNA was destroyed and I wished the funeral home would have given our family the option of keeping it. While I didn’t feel I would necessarily […]


A Slice of Immortality

DNA is the only form of identification that cannot be faked.- your DNA is you. That’s why you should be the one to decide to preserve it. When you preserve your DNA in the life capsule, you take charge where you keep it…in a bank vault…in your safe drawer…on your […]

1-2-3 DNA

Collect DNA Collecting DNA is simple.  Our company uses blood rather than a cheek swab because blood provides high quality and quantity of DNA. The testing facility is able to run numerous tests for analysis on the same sample. It is a bit more invasive than the cheek swab, but […]