1-2-3 DNA

Step-1Collect DNA

Collecting DNA is simple.  Our company uses blood rather than a cheek swab because blood provides high quality and quantity of DNA. The testing facility is able to run numerous tests for analysis on the same sample. It is a bit more invasive than the cheek swab, but this is the  preferred method for DNA testing for medical conditions.  Though we recommend going to a lab to have your blood extracted, we do include an at home kit if you wish to have it done at home. The complete instructions are included with the product.



Step-2Seal The Container

We have created a patented container which can be stored at home at room temperature. It has a triple sealed barrier, thus protecting the DNA from moisture and degeneration.  Once the capsule is properly sealed, it should only  be opened at a lab if and when the family wishes to have the blood tested. The capsule contains a synthetic chemical matrix which is a mixture of dissolvable compounds that stabilizes DNA at room temperature. The matrix formulation is based on the natural principles of anhydrobiosis, meaning “life without water”.  Anhydrobiosis is a biological mechanism employed by some multicellular organisms  that enable their survival in a dry state for periods over 100 years.



Step-3Sample Recovery: Just Add Water

When it is time to utilize your DNA a simple process of rehydration needs to occur.  Add 10-100 ul of H20 to the tube containing stored sample. Pipette gently to ensure complete mixing. Use directly in downstream application.  It is not necessary to purify rehydrated samples. The sample can be analyzed and stabilized at Sorenson Genomics.  This process is to only be done at a laboratory for research purposes.