About Us

My father passed away in 2006 and requested to be cremated. An overwhelming sense of loss overcame me one morning when I realized his DNA was destroyed and I wished the funeral home would have given our family the option of keeping it. While I didn’t feel I would necessarily want to store it in a facility, this prompted me to research other storage options. About six months later I found companies that stabilized biological DNA at room temperature. One of the reasons I felt so strongly about keeping my fathers DNA was the fact that he was a cancer survivor only because of modern medicine. His form of cancer was incurable but his treatment center was willing to try a new procedure. His sisters DNA was similar to his and he received a stem cell transplant. It was successful and he lived another 8 years. My family was given the opportunity to experience the marvel of technology in the field of modern medicine. We strongly urge grandparents and parents save their DNA for future generations.

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