Sean Recchi on 60 Minutes

Sean RecchiSteven Brill’s book “America’s Bitter Pill”, highlighted on 60 Minutes, tells the story of Sean Recchi’s fight against cancer and his treatment at MD Anderson in Texas.  After being diagnosed with cancer, Sean and Stephanie Recchi had an incredible idea. They wanted to develop a product that could store human DNA. Their intent for the need to store DNA came from a personal experience. When Stephanie’s father was cremated in 2006, all of his DNA was destroyed. The Recchi’s wanted to create a way for people to save their DNA at home, so they could preserve vital information about a person’s valuable genetic data which could benefit future generations.


DNA Capsule was born!  Stephanie and Sean decided to take action and help future generations by creating a revolutionary product designed to help people save their DNA for future testing and research purposes.  Sean Recchi’s interview on 60 Minutes focused on Sean’s fight against cancer and his cancer-free diagnosis.  But as Leslie Stahl discussed with Sean, the diagnosis was a crushing thing to hear.  60 Minutes focused on Sean and Stephanie after Steven Brill reported on them in an expose published in Time magazine.


The revolutionary technology of DNA Capsule helps people take control of their DNA legacy.  60 Minutes discussed Stephanie’s journey to take control of Sean’s healthcare battle.  DNA Capsule was something that the two of them could do together.


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Sean on 60 minutes